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When are the GCSE and A-level exams 2021? Everything you need to know about an unusual exam season!


22nd October 2020

Are GCSE and A-Level exams 2021 taking place?

Students are back at school set out to take their GCSE and A-level summer exams like usual!

Except for one thing… exams will be delayed by several weeks, giving pupils more time to catch up on their learning following school closures.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said most exams will be delayed by three weeks next year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Students have experienced considerable disruption and it's right that they get given extra time to get their study brain back on track!

In addition, the Government is working with Ofqual, exam boards and across the education sector to develop contingency plans. It will ‘engage widely with the sector over the next six weeks to identify any risks to exams at a national, local, and individual student level, and consider measures needed to address any potential disruption’.

So, when will the exams be?

Provisional exam timetable for AQA, Edexcel and OCR
Provisional Exam Timetable 2021

The Department for Education announced that one exam for GCSE English and one for GCSE Maths will take place before half term. This aims to give Year 11 pupils affected by COVID-19 the best chance of sitting a paper in each of these core subjects. Exams for a small number of low-entry AS and A Level subjects will also be held before half term.

Major exam boards, AQA, Edexcel and OCR have released their provisional exam timetables, with all the dates and times you need to know!

Click on the links below to find your provisional timetable!

AQA A-level

Edexcel GCSE: 
Edexcel A-level 

OCR A-level

When is results day?

Ah, the dreaded question!

Results days are Tuesday 24 August for AS and A-levels and Friday 27 August for GCSEs!

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Best of luck!

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