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The principal trick requires a totally empty court

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Return to the game, and instantly speed travel Nba 2k22 Mt with the correct bumper. If you do it right, you'll see that the game will continue to play as though you had never played it and you'll get to keep any badges or VC you have earned from your previous win. You can continue playing the first time, continue to win and take advantage of the winnings.

Another quick VC method that's making waves on the 2K scene over the last few hours involves a glitch in the current-gen courts. This glitch is specifically best on the 10-k VC courts, however it's technically applicable on any court, if you'd like to make a less lucrative reward.

In the cheap mt nba 2k22 by Geminus Geminus, the principal trick requires a totally empty court and lots of coordination. Have two squads load into the court. Then, just as the name of your player turns in white after all players are present, wait for five minutes and let one team of three leave the game with the other team.

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