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Learn to Code a Video Game with MakeCode 👾

Learn how to create your own video games by writing code, using Microsoft's MakeCode!

4-8 students Ages 9+

Course Summary

This beginner-friendly course enables KS2 and KS3 students to learn computer science theory through coding with blocks in Microsoft's MakeCode Arcade platform. They will create video games that can be saved and shared to play online on any device. The first three lessons of this course cover the basic programming constructs required. Fundamentals like variables, functions, conditional statements and looped iterations as well as core gaming concepts are used in practice, concluding in the development of the very famous game known as “Flappy Bird”. The last two lessons encourage the students to develop a Space Shooting game and a game of their choice using their creativity and basic programming constructs learnt in the previous lessons. This approach keeps the student engaged and focused in the lesson while giving them a chance to explore their own characters and game stories using the techniques learnt in the previous lessons.

What you'll need / prerequisites

No prior experience or knowledge of coding or Makecode Arcade software is required. Some basic computer skills will be necessary. MakeCode Arcade is a browser application with no downloads needed. The use of two screens or separate devices is ideal with one preferably a laptop/desktop computer so the student can use one to join the classroom and follow along while they work on their project on the other.

Curriculum Outline

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Reviews From Previous Students ⭐️

Marion D.

I am thoroughly impressed with this course; it offers a detailed and accessible entry into game development for young students.

Gerald S.

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, engaging my child with practical coding tasks that enhance their interest in video game building.

Keshawn S.

Really happy with this course—it’s clear, engaging, and my kid loves the interactive projects

Ed Q.

This course has sparked a real interest in game design for my child, who now spends hours tinkering with their own game ideas

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