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About Lauren

I have been tutoring English, History and Welsh for two years, with a background in Linguistics (BA Hons Graduate from the University of Manchester.) I have two years experience working in the charity sector as Campaigns Coordinator in the Comms department, and one year corporate experience prior to this.

I'm very friendly and an empathetic person. I truly believe everyone can achieve their potential with the right kind of teaching and confidence building; unfortunately the schooling system doesn't always accommodate for all types of students and ways of learning. I was a high achieving student at school and university but always found alternative ways of learning to my peers, so am good at finding creative routes to understanding and memorising a subject. I have a particularly good awareness and understanding of ADD/ADHD and so am very willing to tutor students with these behaviours.

I'm good at building confidence in people - I believe achieving academic success is just as much about self confidence as it is about learning and understanding the subject thoroughly. Lots of students get left behind because their way of learning is different to typical classroom teaching, and as a result lose confidence in themselves, when often all they need is an alternative method of learning that will match their unique way of processing and digesting information.

I have very strong skills in spelling, grammar, punctuation, essay writing, critical thinking and analysis, and planning. I am particularly good at breaking down complex ideas and complex grammar into easily digestible chunks, and like to reference modern day ideas and systems to make sense of different concepts and scenarios (this is particularly useful for English Literature and History students).

I love to tailor my lessons completely to your needs - so don't hesitate to tell me exactly what you're looking to achieve from your lessons and I will go above and beyond to accommodate you. 

Reviews from Other Students

  • Sophia Atherton

    17th April

    Friendly, engaging tutor. Really easy to book the lesson and the interactive whiteboard was really helpful.

  • Elisa

    4th June

    Lauren has worked wonders with our children - they are loving history! Thank you Lauren x

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