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MIT-educated Math and Science Tutor

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Since high school, in fact. Occasionally teachers would ask me to help out other students with certain subjects they were having trouble with. A variety of forms of math, including algebra, trigonometry, and calculus in particular, upto the level of Multivariable Calculus (Calc 3). Physics (Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Kinematics, Electromagnetism, Waves, etc). Chemistry (Thermodynamics, Kinetics/Reactions, Stoichiometry, Atomic theory, Solutions, etc). I'm particularly good at framing or reframing a concept in novel ways. If the way an idea was initially introduced to a student doesn't make much sense to them, finding alternative ways to process the idea helps, in my experience. Many of the subjects I work with can often be, for the student, frustratingly abstract. I do find a particular amount of enjoyment in being able to associate some of these highly-conceptual ideas to more everyday things.

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Further Maths IB
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Further Maths Degree
English Primary
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Science Primary
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Biology IB
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Biology A-Level
Chemistry IB
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Chemistry Degree
Physics IB
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Physics Degree

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