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A bit about Adriana


I am Adriana, 22 years old and a recent Masters in Law graduate. I am an English Language and Literature tutor and I am offering some cheap English Language and Literature lessons to help you smash your exams! I am an enthusiastic, professional but fun individual looking to instil the same enthusiasm I have for the subject, in my students! At GCSE level I achieved As in both English Language and Literature. 

Learning Styles:

I am adaptable to different learning styles and to different abilities, so I have a range of teaching techniques, so you don't have to worry about being taught in a way that you simply do not learn best in. This can be in the form of learning and testing straight after, producing exam-style responses for me to mark and provide feedback to, PowerPoint slides with colour, bullet points etc which make it easier to learn, or if you are on the simpler side of learning and just like paragraphs or bullet points to be in black and white that is fine too!

What I teach:

I have recently joined online tutoring and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The best part, by far is seeing my students understanding something they once really struggled with. Some of the topics I have taught include:

  • English Literature– An Inspector Calls, Macbeth, A Christmas Carol. Within this, I focus heavily on the themes and character development in the texts as this is key to answering an exam question.
  • Poetry– Within poetry, I teach my students how to analyse unseen poetry by being able to comment on the use of language techniques, structural elements such as time shifts, a change in perspective or idea, and the use of punctuation to create an effect. I typically cover lots of unseen and studied poetry from the anthology so that students are well prepared for the exam as at least one of the anthology poems will be in the exam!
  • English Language– learning to analyse language and comment on the structure of an extract. I have taught my student's language features, their possible effects and have also given them a list of sentence starters to help them construct their answers. We typically cover lots of extracts and study it in detail, so they are able to learn how to analyse an unseen extract.

Message me if interested so we can discuss further helping you achieve those top grades, in a fun and enjoyable way! 

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Adriana Silva :)


Subject Level
English GCSE
English Literature GCSE