Charles Okon

I am an enthutiastic mathematics tutor for over 10years

£30 per hour
DBS Checked

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A bit about Charles Okon

I have acquired several years of teaching experience in mathematics and sciences. My most recent online teaching experience was with The University of Manchester Access Programme (MAP) widening participation scheme for local Year 12 students in Greater Manchester. I was enrolled in this programme as a Mathematics and Science tutor. Through this programme, the University helped students who met specific academic and background criteria achieve entry to The University of Manchester or another research-intensive university. I am also currently volunteered as an online tutor with ACTION TUTORING to teach Mathematics and Sciences.

I am really passionate about imparting academic knowledge to pupils who are desperately in need. My unique skill and approach to teaching mathematics and science are what makes me exceptional. As an experienced teacher, I usually tell my pupils that mathematics/science is the easiest course in the universe because our day-to-day life activities are all governed by the laws of science. Whenever I am opportune to teach my pupils, I use the approach of practical life experience as an example for a class demonstration. My pupils appreciate the topic better when I use the things, they see around them as examples for a class demonstration. In addition, during these class demonstrations, my students have the opportunity of asking diverse questions because I use different examples for different practical applications that give the pupil choices of selecting which approach, they understand best. I always make my mathematics and science classes fun-filled rather than boring or abstract fictions. 


Subject Level
Maths IB
Maths GCSE
Maths A-Level
Physics IB