Fiona M

Teaching has been my passion and now tutoring online is ideal for me!

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A bit about Fiona M

(Tutor for 6 to 12 year old primary school children)

I qualified as a Primary School Teacher at Aberdeen College of Education, receiving merits in Art as an academic subject and Teaching Practice.

Post College Experience:

- five years teaching 9 to 12 year olds, as a classroom teacher.

- ten years as a Head Teacher of a small rural primary school, with a full teaching commitment also; 8 to 12 year olds in a composite class.

- ten years as HT of a medium sized primary school of 200 pupils, with partial teaching commitment .

Due to a successful HMI Inspection, I was given a minor advisory role to help other Head Teachers in areas of development they felt required attention. I was involved also in leadership roles, presenting new materials, resources and developments in educational areas, to Head Teacher Groups throughout the Region.


Spain & Turkey 

Head Teacher of Primary Sector of one International Primary School, with class commitment, followed by running an Infant and Nursery Department of another International School with full management and class commitment.

I later took a change of direction into private tutoring for two years; Spanish children learning English - aged three to thirteen. After living in Spain for ten years I moved to Turkey for ten years. In Turkey, I worked on an Art Project - outdoor murals - for the local Primary School. 

On returning to Scotland in 2018, I spent one year as a Learning Support Teacher - ASN and in 2019 spent three days weekly in a rural school, teaching mainly 8 to 12 year olds in a class of mixed Pr.1 to Pr.7 (17 pupils).

I carried out virtual teaching with mixed classes online, from March to July '19. I thoroughly enjoyed this last post and retired in July 2019. Since then parents of four children have asked me to tutor their children online. I am thoroughly enjoying this and know through the parents that their children are happy, confident and pleased with the progress they see. I love teaching Maths and English through structure and building step by step in a logical manner. Children seem to relate well to this and get great satisfaction from having a solid knowledge of the foundations.

During my time abroad I studied Spanish and Turkish, and feel able to offer Beginner Lessons in these languages, conversational and written.


Subject Level
Maths Primary
English Primary
Spanish Spanish