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A bit about Mohan

I studied for a degree in Engineering Science from Oxford from 1977 to 1980, after getting straight "A"s in Maths, Pure Maths, Further Maths and Physics and Grade 1 at "S" Level Maths. I have been tutoring Maths for over 40 years, whilst coping with my health. I presently have two students, one 15 year-old boy studying for GCSE Maths, and the other a 65 year-old gentleman who is the boy's step-father who I help with filling in all the gaps of his GCSE Maths knowledge, so that he can help his step-son progress faster. I teach my young student over the phone and by email and WhatsApp and his step-father I teach face-to-face in my flat. I very much enjoy the challenge of solving problems given to me by my students. During my time tutoring Maths, I have taught about 100 students and they have all done well in their exams. I like to give my students some important general principles in tackling all Maths problems, before looking at individual questions, so that they feel confident to solve problems from afar and as a matter of fact.


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Maths GCSE