Ihssan L

Math, Economics tutor for more than 20 years

£35 per hour

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A bit about Ihssan L

My bachelor's degree is in Business and Computing.

Teaching hours till 2:00 PM weekdays ( all time during weekends )

I have been teaching Math and Economics for more than 20 years for GCSE and A levels.

I like also to teach Astronomy whenever the chance comes for me to do so.

I tutor using Zoom or Microsoft team.

Last year, 2020, I had a lot of students during lockdown and some students are continuing with me till this year 2021.

I always start the lesson by explaining the idea of the course in a plan and explain on the board how the subjects to be studied in a question and answer method as applied in our way of living.

This will help the student to know what he or she is studying as applied in life in a lot of working areas that they might face in the future.

What I always tell my students after finishing any course is that I am always there for them for future inqui


Subject Level
Maths KS3
Maths GCSE
Maths A-Level
Economics GCSE
Economics A-Level