Céline R

Fully Bilingual French and English Tutor

£25 per hour

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A bit about Céline R

Hi there!!

I am fully bilingual in English and French, and have experience teaching all kinds of people, from small kids to adults. I can help you simply improve your spoken French (or English), but I can also explain grammar, add to your vocabulary through a variety of fun exercises and games! I like to teach in an enjoyable way so that we can have a great time learning together!

I would usually take the first couple of classes to assess the level. With beginners we would start with simple things, introducing the language. With more advanced I like to only speak in the language being studied and only translate when there is a difficulty in understanding or to explain something complicated!

I was born in the UK and I have lived in France since the age of 7. I am fully bilingual and have dual nationality since my father is English and my mother is French.

I taught English while traveling to Ukraine, Thailand, India, and Japan, teaching lots of different sized groups of all different ages and levels. I also spent a lot of time as a French teacher/tutor in Ukraine and Australia.

I use a fun and practical approach to learning languages. After all, the main goal is that you are able to communicate with the people of the country!

I am happy to have conversation classes with you, working on pronunciation or vocabulary, or work with you on the basics, or grammar, etc. Whatever you need really, so just let me know what you're looking for!

Can't wait to get to meet you!


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English as a Foreign Language EFL English as a Foreign Language EFL
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