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Hey. I'm Raf, a 3rd year medical student at Imperial College London.

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As a struggling student a few years ago, I was overwhelmed with how difficult the learning process seemed to be and took up tutoring in hopes of helping me wrap my head around it. Throughout my time in sixth form, I tutored chemistry and maths and was the learning ambassador for my year: this experience helped me learn how to unpack difficult concepts in a manner that makes the information easy for the mentee to digest, understand and - more importantly - apply to exam questions. As a student myself, I’ve found that I can build a friendly connection with my students and can empathise strongly with the position they find themselves in. Some students take a genuine interest in the subject of interest, whereas others wish to be tutored solely for the sake of getting the grade they want: I can empathise and work with both. Through my method of teaching - which also happened to be the method I used to get into my dream medical school - I will comb through the specification the exam board provides and help you squeeze every mark you can out of the exam paper (with as little work as possible, if you so please). 3+ years of tutoring experience - Tutored A levels, GCSEs and other subjects both for free as a volunteer at my school throughout sixth form and currently as a part-time job. - Learning Ambassador in sixth form - Received Learning Honours in year 13 Imperial College London 2nd year medical student. A Levels: Chemistry - A* Maths - A* Biology - A GCSEs (of relevance - contact me for full details if needed): Chemistry - 9 Maths - 8 Biology - 9 Physics - 9 My philosophy and outlook on teaching have developed and grown since I initially began this endeavour. I have learnt to be flexible in my tutoring and specifically tailor my teaching style to each individual student, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach: I’ve found that my students find the process much more enjoyable this way. Through this method, I can identify the strengths of each student (everyone has one, even if they think they don’t!) and capitalise on them to help them perform as well as they can in the exams.

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