Rie M

A Qualified, friendly and experienced Japanese tutor

£28 per hour

You can book a free 20 minute, no-commitment introduction with any of our tutors. How does this work?

A bit about Rie M

Konnichiwa! (Hello) 

I am a qualified, friendly and experienced language tutor dedicated to student learning. 
Confident teaching both one-to-one and in groups, I have strong communication 
skills and am trilingual in English, French and Japanese. I can help people to learn 
and share my enthusiasm for Japanese language and culture. 

A personalised Japanese online lessons tailored for your needs to achieve your target. 

I provide a 20min consultation for the student to understand my teaching method, understand what the student needs are and where they stand. Try accessing the student and then tailoring the course according to the students understanding ability. It is an interactive course with numerous exercises and homework. 


Subject Level
Japanese Japanese