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Stavros is a dedicated and enthusiastic tutor in his field of Computer Programming. He has a passion for helping students attain their target grades and beyond.

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I specialize in Computer Science. I mostly work with OOP languages such as python and java. Moreover, I am outstanding at problem-solving which can then be applied to every programming language. My thesis for my degree was machine learning related to Medical imaging. Finally, I have many side projects related to web development and cloud computing. I first started tutoring when my nephews were sitting the computing A-level exams. I assisted them in learning the material and also passed them out-of-the-box knowledge which made the exam even easier for them. I also assisted them in their A-level project which was written in Java and C#. The overall results achieved by my nephews were outstanding. This inspired me to start and teach more students computer and science-related subjects. I plan my lessons based on each individual student. I research the topic of the lesson and prepare the material and exercises. I always use different plans to ensure that if a student does not understand one method, there are always backups to assist them in getting the point of the lesson and the exercise. I love that computing and programming are not just learning stuff by hard. It is like a game, where problem-solving has to be applied in order to achieve anything. I love to teach students an algorithmic way of thinking which is not only applied in programming but in other aspects of their lives too. I am passionate about Computing and I am determined to pass this feeling to my students as well.

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