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Manigandan S


I have 2+ Years Teaching experience in Robotics,C, C++ and Python.

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Manigandan is a roboticist and has extensive teaching experience in robotics and arduino programming.

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As a roboticist, I have extensive teaching experience in robotics and arduino programming. During my graduation, I have completed an internship program in Real Time 25+ Smart Projects using Arduino organized by Robokart.com. After completing my graduation, I have undergone Practical Training Internship on Making of Space Mars Rover Kit conducted by National Design and Research Forum. Also, I got an opportunity to enhance my skills in Advanced Internet of things in June 2019 for 6 months. Later, I have been worked in Embedded software development for 8 months on a project called Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – 6S Product series in SemaConnect India Pvt Ltd.I have worked on a project called Target Tracking Man in the Middle (Active and Passive) and Traffic Recording Systems in HCL Technologies India Pvt Ltd for Client Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL), India. I am adept in Embedded System profile and presently hold a designation of Associate Consultant in Capgemini India Pvt Ltd and currently working in project called Advanced Driver Assitance Systems / Autonomous Driving (ADAS/AD) for Client Robert Bosch, Now I have Total Experience of about 2.5 years in Embedded Software Development. Striving for improvement and betterment is been my motto in all aspects of life, and the same applies even to my professional and academic career.When I was a kid first time I saw a computer in Superhuman Samurai in Cyber Squad show on TV. Since I had no idea about what a computer is I framed him as a superhero in my imagination. As time passed, love towards computer got pretty serious. Since childhood when someone asks “What’s your dream?” I told them I want to become a computer engineer. After getting a clear picture of what computers actually, I was surprised to see how this man-made object has the power to replace man himself. The speed with which a computer performs complex tasks which otherwise would take a lot of manpower is fascinating. I think this is going to become the most influential tool of this and other forthcoming centuries. I see the whole field is more and more poised to take off. It was this particular fact that motivated me to take up Computer Science as my career and dream. Now I feel blessed for choosing this path and I consider myself in the golden age of Computer Science. I consider myself fortunate to go for advanced studies in this field of Computer Science at this point of time. First, I’d look at the ‘Purpose and Structure’ strand from the Deep Dive into Writing Progression Map to look into prior and future learning.There are lots of things that this can be called: lesson aim, lesson objective, learning goal, teaching objective, learning intentions and I will pan accordingly.Success criteria are important in many ways. They break the aim down into achievable steps, which then makes the aim inclusive of all abilities in the class.To clarify, the aim is the ‘end’ or ‘goal.’ The success criteria are the learning strategies, or the ‘means’ and evidence of success. Throughout the lesson, there need to be opportunities built in to revisit the aim and assess how they’re progressing. They’ll naturally change as the lesson evolves, but it’s important to give it some thought. I took a number of seminars in college, where I had my first tutoring experience. I adore instructing. I worked as a robotics instructor after graduating from college, and it was a wonderful experience in which I learned a lot alongside the pupils. I'm constantly interested in how pupils connect with me. I enjoy engaging my students in my lessons so they never get bored.

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