Charlie WinnettExperienced tutor. Year 1-6, and Psychology GCSE - A level.

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About Charlie

Studied Psychology and Primary School Education at University and will begin an MSc in Child Psychology next year. I have six years of experience working with children. I taught kickboxing to children aged 4 - 16 for two years full time, and worked as a summer camp counsellor for four years. Parents tell me that I have a natural ability to connect, engage, and educate children. I love working with children and being able to help them learn by being creative and adapting to each individual child's needs.


I have held a DBS for the last seven years.

Reviews from Other Students

  • Lucy Gleeson

    14th May

    Charlie and I worked together to set some areas to work on and one of the things that was important was for it to not feel like a school lesson. Charlie makes the sessions really fun and my son learns through play. I hear them having fun and then I get a full and comprehensive report afterwards that monitors progress and makes suggestion on how to move his learning on. I really appreciate Charlie's fun attitude towards learning and the depth of feedback I receive.

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