Aimee G

Qualified Teacher with over ten years of extensive experience.

£35 per hour
Qualified Teacher

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What do you specialise in?

I specialise in KS3/GCSE/A-Level - English Language, English Literature, History, Politics and Law. I specialise in Foundation Stage/KS1/KS2 - all subject, especially SATs/11+, Phonics/Literacy/Numeracy/Science/Geography/RE. I have worked in leading Prep schools achieving high results across all exam boards. I enjoy creating an open, relaxed, fun learning experience for my students. We will work at your own pace and each lesson is catered to you personally. I have over ten years experience teaching and currently work at Senior Management level as a Teacher, overseeing my own Department. Lessons are planned and amended daily according to each students individual progression. I have worked throughout Primary, Secondary and up to degree level with students. I have also worked with Oxford University students ensuring they meet the high demands of their degrees.

Which relevant qualifications do you have?

PGCE in Early Years and Primary MA in History and Politics LLB Law

What inspired you to become a teacher?

Getting to help students everyday and my love of learning. I love that everyday is different with teaching. Even a small step can help a student to understand the subject matter better. I work to an exceptionally high standard towards GCSE and A-Level all examination boards for English Literature, English Language, Government & Politics, History and Law with proven results with past students. I also offer 11+, SAT's individual and group sessions with proven results acheived. I also work with University students on essays, projects and thesis/dissertation proposals, redrafts and editing.

What is your teaching philosophy?

No one is perfect so just try your best. I use positivity in my classroom to create a open, warm, caring atmosphere. I am also available for group teaching sessions if more than one Student needs support.


Subject Level
Maths Primary
Maths KS3
English Primary
English KS3
English GCSE
English A-Level
Science Primary
Science KS3
History Primary
History GCSE
History A-Level
Law A-Level
11+ 11+
English as a Foreign Language EFL English as a Foreign Language EFL
English Literature A-Level
English Literature GCSE
English Literature KS3
Politics A-Level
Politics GCSE
Spanish Spanish
Geography Primary
Art Primary
Art KS3
Drama Primary
Religious Education Primary
Religious Education KS3
Religious Education GCSE

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