Neha G

An enthusiastic , zealous, and motivating English, History and Politic

£45 per hour

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A bit about Neha G

I am highly professional and result oriented Post Graduate Tutor who delivers,what has been promised.My experience of tutoring English,History and Politics for over 15 years has taught me,how to maximise students' potential using targeted revision and exam techniques.My aim is always to raise the achievements of my pupils beyond their own expectations with challenging and rewarding lessons.

I have been working with students who need bit more attention from me.I believe whether a students have Behavioural Disorders, Learning disabilities or Autism,My role is to bring my pupil to a comfort level where we can work together towards academic development.

Extremely Dedicated tutor who has an experience of bring out the best out of tutees.My pupils have gone up by 2 grades than their predicted grades.

I can handle the anxiety of the pupils and turn into to strength.I deal with pupils who needs bit more attention like ADHD, Autism, Emotional disturbance and Intellectual disabilities and motivate to challenge their own spectrum.


Subject Level
English IB
English GCSE
English A-Level
English Literature IB
English Literature GCSE
English Literature A-Level