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A bit about Princess

Hi Everyone, I'm from London and I am a native English speaker. I started teaching English part-time when I moved to live in Athens, Greece, some twenty years ago. I have taught English part time to many foreign students for the last twenty years from young to mature ages. I have obtained the TEFL certificate for Teaching to justify my abilities in order to teach. I also teach English online and in person to a Language school in Athens Greece and continue teaching on a part time basis as this is something that I enjoy and it is great satisfaction building relationships with each student and seeing them develop their skills in learning a new language.

As a teacher I have kept my British accent and sense of humour over the years. I have taught many students within the last twenty years in Greece & I have learnt to be flexible with individual needs as everyone responds differently to teaching methods especially younger children. I believe in building solid foundation of understanding and use. I enjoy teaching as my second job as one sees individual change in students and it gives so much satisfaction to see growth and improvement. I have also qualified from Yale University Well Being Phycology and offer Life Coaching.

Welcome to my class:

My Teaching style incorporates traditional and modern approaches according to the individual students needs which are gained along the sessions together of understanding your Interests. Learning any language is about self improvement and obedience to follow through. Although I try as a teacher to make it as interesting as possible per student to spark individual interests which help you to progress in learning. PLEASE KINDLY NOTE: PRE BOOKED FOR TEACHING. TUESDAY 5-7, WENESDAY 4-8, THURSDAY 5-7

My Career was as a Designer in Tourism dealing with Events & Event Management so should anyone want lessons in the above please let me know.


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