Mandy W

An experienced, highly qualified, specialist primary school teacher.

£45 per hour

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A bit about Mandy W

Key support areas:

Phonics, Special Educational Needs including autism, dyscalculia, dyslexia, Social and Mental health. Tests: KS1 and KS2 SATs preparation, Phonics check, Muliplication tables check, Common Entrance, Planning and organisational skills.


  • mathematical skills
  • numbers
  • calculation skills
  • mathematical language
  • early literacy, communication and language tasks
  • vocabulary
  • phonological awareness
  • reading
  • comprehension
  • writing


I began my career as a Primary School Teacher at Eaton House and St Thomas’s School, London. A career break to have my twins allowed me to pursue further specialist teaching qualifications which lead to my current role as the Special Educational Needs Coordinator in an Independent Primary school in Buckinghamshire.

For the past ten years I have worked 1:1 with students, supporting their literacy and mathematical skills to keep them on track with the standard that is required at their level and for catch up purposes. I use concrete manipulatives, visuals, technology and pen to paper in order to cement the essential skills needed to read, write and understand key mathematical concepts. I also work with children in order to make sure they attain the high standard that they are capable of, with a little extra support.

I completed my BEd and English honours degree at Oxford Brookes in July 1997. During my career break I completed the Level 5, Teaching Children with Learning Difficulties and Level 7, Assessing Children with Learning Difficulties.

I am patient, caring and enthusiastic and have gained a wealth of experience through working with children of a range of ages and abilities both online, in a 1:1 situation and in groups.

I have particularly enjoyed developing my knowledge and understanding of specific learning difficulties and how to assess children, interpret results and use them in the classroom and for tutoring individual children. I am able to build a pupil profile from new or current assessments and questionnaires which will lead the way to a personalised learning program for your child.

I will always support parents/carers through advice, support and helpful information, as this is crucial to your child’s success. Regular meetings and feedback will be part of the tutoring process.




Subject Level
Maths Primary
English Primary
English Literature Primary