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A grade 4 opens all the doors - GCSE and Functional Skills English

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Professional GCSE and Functional Skills English tutor.

What do you specialise in?

GCSE and Functional Skills English tuition. Both options begin by developing the key skills of information retrieval and inference so the student understands what the examiner is asking and how to answer every question. GCSE tuition focuses on sentence structure, builds familiarity with 19th century texts, and develops the key skills of analysing structure and sensory and figurative language. Functional Skills tuition focuses on sentence structure and commas, and builds the key communication skills of speaking and listening that you'll need in the workplace and on apprenticeships. Closer to exam time, both GCSE and Functional Skills tuition focus on the exam techniques of proofreading and practicing past papers. Past paper tuition and exam technique options are also available, which focus on analysing the key words in the examiner's questions and then responding to the texts in order to prioritise the relevant information and answer each question as fully as possible within an allocated time frame, with the goal of getting the highest grades possible.

Which relevant qualifications do you have?

PhD in English, University of Lincoln (2017) and an MA in Creative Writing, Queen's University, Belfast (2021)

What is the greatest success you've had with teaching?

When a student begins to understand and enjoy a subject they previously struggled with.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Always check for understanding before moving on to a new topic.

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Helped me to understand and improve on points that i was weaker at. Helped me to understand and read between the lines.



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