Jessica L

Recent Spanish Graduate with experience tutoring GCSE and A Level (UK)

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A bit about Jessica L

Hi there!

My name is Jess, I'm a 25 year old graduate. I have just finished a Masters and I have a BA in Hispanic Studies (Spanish lit, lang, culture, history) from the University of Nottingham. As part of my course I lived abroad, studying at the University of Valencia, Spain, and the University of Havana, Cuba. I've also travelled in Spain and in Central and South America, so I have a broad appreciation for different Hispanic cultures and linguistic differences.

I've been tutoring Spanish for a year now, to GCSE and A Level students who need some more targeted help with their language learning and some 1.1 focus. I was doing this in person but during current times I've been tutoring online with video calls and screenshares.

I've also tutored English to Spanish speaking adults.

As someone who's gone through the English school system recently doing GCSEs, A Levels and at degree level, I understand exactly the challenges of learning Spanish as an English speaker. If I'm tutoring you for a GCSE/A Level exam, let me know the board and I'll be sure to tailor the things I help you with to your specific exam.


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