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A bit about Sonam

I am Sonam from the United Kingdom with a degree in History and Religion from SOAS, University of London. I completed my TEFL qualifications before moving overseas a few years ago.

I started my teaching career volunteering in Nepal with a local school working with young children. I was responsible for guiding and teaching the children in a wide range of subjects; such as English, Arts and History. This experience really gave me a foot into my teaching career path and enlightened me into the joys of teaching.

I then moved to China in 2017. I worked firstly with primary school children where my teaching was centered around phonics/phonetics, vocabulary and grammar. I then went on to work with middle school children, and I was teaching subjects Critical Thinking and Cambridge English.

Whilst also being a school teacher for the last few years I also started teaching online a few months ago, and have been exposed to a wide range of students from around the globe. I teach a variety of subjects online across all age groups.

I am a dynamic teacher who likes to use creativity and imagination in my lessons. I like to bring a little fun in my lessons, so I enjoy using a variation of introduction ice breaker games and activities where the students are able to showcase their common knowledge and personal thinking.


Subject Level
English Primary
English KS3
English as a Foreign Language EFL English as a Foreign Language EFL
History Primary
History KS3
Religious Education Primary
Religious Education KS3