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Sanaa H

A friendly medical student that can help you get those A*'s !!!

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I recently finished my A-levels in English Literature, Chemistry, and Biology, achieving A*AA and I am currently a medical student at one of the top universities in UK; Kings College London. I am very knowledgeable on the new 9-1 GCSE specification as well as A-level AQA for English Lit and OCR A / AQA for Biology and Chemistry. Having been the first set of students to sit the new exams I know how hard it is so I can help you nail those specific mark scheme answers to get you those 8/9s, the same way I did at GCSE. I have been tutoring for 3 years and I am confident that I can help you achieve top grades with my successful lesson plans where I integrate fun diagrams/ videos, as well as key exam practice through questions.

How do your lessons usually plan out?

In my lessons, I combine subject content with exam-style questions to ensure that you feel most confident coming away from my lessons. I believe that this kind of focused teaching style, which is centred around the exam board requirements, means that you are able to face your exams with confidence. This is a tried and tested approach with a 100% success rate. The real secret to getting As/A*s at GCSE and A-level are by nailing those mark scheme answers in exam questions!

What is your teaching philosophy?

There are no silly questions!

Which relevant qualifications do you have?

In my A-levels, in 2021 I achieved English literature (A*), Chemistry (A), Biology (A). In my GCSEs in 2019, I achieved all 8/9s (A*). In 2020 I achieved a UCAT score of 2880 and Situational Judgment band 1, this put me in the top 2 deciles for UCAT scores. I also received 3/4 offers to study medicine from the following universities: Kings College London, University of Nottingham, Leicester University.

What exam boards and year groups do you teach?

I tutor the following GCSE subjects: English language and Literature [ALL EXAM BOARDS], Maths [EDEXCEL], Biology, Chemistry, Physics (triple science and combined science) [ALL EXAM BOARDS] and the following A-level subjects: English Literature [ALL EXAM BOARDS], Biology [OCR A/AQA], and Chemistry [OCR A/AQA].

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Very thorough and friendly, was open to any questions I asked and also related exam questions and techniques within the lesson. Is very up to date with the exam board which is helpful when it comes to answering exam questions.

Nazlisu Celik

Jane day

Sana is very friendly and reliable. She has an excellent understanding of the syllabus and is able to convey difficult concepts very patiently and clearly. My son lacked a bit of confidence in Chemistry and I can say that I have seen this grow since having a weekly session with Sana. She is always prepared and happy to tailor sessions to suit individual needs. I would 100% recommend her.

Nehaal Effendi

I was searching for a tutor who can understand my thought processing without compromising on marks that I can pick up for very difficult topics like organic chemistry .Sana has helped me alot with my confidence in attempting questions that I would never answer in class and also organization tips to prepare for my exams.Definitely recommend to anyone who needs help but doesn’t know who to go to.


Hana Bhutta

Sana is an extremely helpful tutor, she caters to individuals learning style and is very up to date with the specification. Helps me answer exam questions to hit the mark scheme and has an approachable and friendly teaching style,

jasmine stacey

Really good use of the 1 hour, got lots done! Sana is a very good teacher, who has clearly shown she has very good knowledge of the A-Level exam specification. Sana is really encouraging and likes to challenge you, which will really benefit me when I sit my exams. Already feel a lot more motivated and confident in the subject. :)

Omar El-Bahnassi

David Mandabva

My daughter is enjoying the maths lessons

Jennifer Ntege

I've really enjoyed the lessons I've had with Sana so far. She is an effective and understanding Tutor who does her best to support you with content you are struggling with. She is extremely friendly, easy to talk to and has helped me to feel a lot more confident with A-level chemistry. I gain a lot from her lessons and feel like the techniques she uses are really efficient. Would highly recommend!

Florence Fraser

I have had only a few sessions with Sanaa so far, however in those lessons, I feel like i have progressed since I started, thanks to her. She is the most understanding tutor I could have hoped for when frantically looking for one, and she makes me feel extremely welcome, owing to her kindness. She has been extremely helpful in terms of boosting not only my literacy and knowledge, but also my confidence. I am sure she will make me prepared for gcses, and in the meantime, I look forward to the rest of our tutoring sessions!

Michelle Ahaotu


Sana Hasemi is a great tutor. She helps you understand gcse science concepts better, and she makes them simple. She helps you understand mark schemes, which will help you get those marks. :)


Sana is such a kind hearted and passionate tutor! Her notes have genuinely helped me improve! Her teaching is great and very detailed which has helped me to understand the texts in depth!


Very patient and helpful, highly recommend !


Sana helped me understand and pick up a load of information during my first lesson, I’ve basically picked up all the information I have been taught by her, she is very friendly and can target your mistakes to fix them easily.


her approach to teaching is amazing! love her lessons and really learn from them



Jamie Heywood

Highly recommend as Sana is very helpful and clear

Ghazala Boota

Sana is very friendly and helpful. Her detailed notes are very helpful and help me to understand the content better. Looking forward to our next session :)

Aaron Patel

Sana is an extremely helpful and friendly tutor. She is very thorough and has good understanding of the spec. The lessons are very engaging and I always look forward to the next one!


She is a very thoughtful tutor, always provides engaging sessions and is very encouraging. Would highly recommend.

Alisa Krastev

Sana is an incredible tutor, she fills our lessons with fun, laughter and passion. I personally find it super hard to concentrate and memorise all the topics but Sana has made it unbelievable easy and she really cares for your progression. I have hugely improved since the begging of our lessons and although I might not like the subject she makes me find a love for it and really helps to make you understand; she uses specific techniques to help you genuinely learn what she is teaching. she is by far the best tutor I've ever had and I am extremely grateful for her.

Farzana Begum

Sana is an excellent tutor. She helped my son's confidence boost in science by making the difficult concepts easily understandable. She is polite, punctual, and dedicated. I highly recommend Sana as a tutor for anyone's child that's struggling in science.

Joshua Solomon-Osborne


Malaak Dadam



Very polite and patient.Great for A-level chem/bio and has helped dramatically in the space of 3/4 months.

Holly Eccles

Husna Vora

Sana is a really good tutor - she has really good revision and exam technique which has helped me!


Sana is the best tutor, she is a very friendly tutor and she knows the whole of the English spec from the back of her hand and I would highly recommend this tutor!


Sana is a lovely tutor who explains reasonings well, and does not judge if more than one approach is needed in order for me to understand. She is flexible and constantly arranging sessions based on personal requests..highly recommend!!!


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