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A bit about Ana

I am a qualified Primary Teacher with 6 years experience in schools in London and 6 years experience in schools in Venezuela. In 2008 I got my BA in Modern Languages and started teaching English and Spanish as a second Language. I have experience with students of all ages. I started my teaching career as a 1 to 1 tutor; then I worked my way up to group tutoring, where I worked with 2-6 students at a time, and finally I started working in schools in Venezuela (primary and secondary) with 20-30 students. In 2015 I trained as a teacher under the London East Teacher Training Alliance and Sheffield Hallam University where I got my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (with Merit) and my Qualified Teacher Status. Since then I have been working in KS1. 

I fell in love with teaching at a very young age and more than a career, teaching is a part of who I am. During my last year in Secondary school, I took an unpaid internship working as a teacher's assistant with a music teacher, teaching other students to play the drums. I have also helped in different gaming conventions teaching new players about board games. Finally, during my Uni days, I worked as an ESL tutor. 



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English as a Foreign Language EFL English as a Foreign Language EFL