Chiara F

Passionate Psychology and Language Teacher With Two Masters Degrees

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A bit about Chiara F

-Teach Psychology (I have a Batchleor and a Masters degree in Psychology; Experienced in Research and Social Support).

-Teach Italian (I am Native in Italian).

-Teach English (TEFL Certified; Extended teaching Experience; Lived and studied in the UK for 6 years).

When I concluded my studies in the UK (Bsc Psychology, Msc Political Psychology), I decided to travel around South America for two years. After intitially hitchinikg I later solo by bicycle from Chile to Brazil. During this time I have put into practice what I have learned during my degree as well as expanding my experience teaching Languages (I am TEFL certified) and Psychology.

I am currently taking my second Masters degree in Journalism.


I) The final year modules for my Bsc in Psychology where: Psychophysiology, Studies in Consciousness, Clinical Psychology, The Psychology of Counseling, Forensic Psychology, Occupational Psychology and Work Experience.

For My final dissertation I produced a quantitative research exploring how exposure to digital technologies affect reality perception in terms of dissociation and derealisation, controlling as well for age.

II) The modules I studied for my Masters degree in Political Psychology where: Political Psychology, Negotiation and Mediation, Public Opinion: Nature and Measurements, Advanced Statistics and Methodology, Advanced topics in Inter-group Relations.

Whilst for my final dissertation I explored in an observational manner the online discourse of collective action movements organized through social media. The study involved mixed methods. I analyzed the online generated content both from a qualitative perspective (through content analysis) and through quantitative analysis.

I am currently taking on my second Masters in Journalism which has given me further perspective into the psychology of media.


  • ITALIAN: (5 years experience) I have taught mostly in 1 to 1 sessions to both adults and children who were native in English and Spanish
  • ENGLISH: (6 years experience) I am TEFL qualified. I have taught both formally in classes (in Colombia and Peru as a volunteer project) and informally in 1 to 1 session to Italian and Spanish students



Another great passion of mine is Parkour. Whilst working as a tutor I have used this skill to make the lessons more fun for young students. I have taught both in-class settings as well as 1 to 1 tutoring online and in person.

Other than the experience in teaching English, Italian and Psychology, I am currently volunteering for NewsWise, a project by The Guardian, to teach Journalism to young student in disadvantaged schools.

During my degree in psychology I have also gained extensive experience in teaching children and adults with learning disabilities. 

I believe that one of the key aspects as a tutor is to motivate and infuse confidence in the students. Indeed once they believe in themselves only the sky is the limit. 



-I am a passionate parkour practician

-I am a Journalist writing on various topics (Social Impact, Parkour, Alternative Traveling, Protest Movement, Psychology, Sociology)



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