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Maths chemistry biology and physics tutor GCSE and A level >15 years

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A bit about Nada L

I have a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry and a masters degree in analytical chemistry, QTS and science PhD and another masters degree in the use of maths in sciences. I have been teaching more than 15 years and I have plenty of online teaching experience throughout my career. I love to tutor as it gives me the chance to keep reading and lookup for more knowledge to help deliver my knowledge to students so they can feel sure that what they are taught with me is right and in this way, I can make them succeed. I started teaching maths a long time ago as it is the best tool to succeed in the sciences.



She is an amazing teacher helped me alot and also she is so lovely. I will say thank you so much.

Sarah Mansfield

I really struggled with my Chemistry before starting my tutoring with Nada. But now I come out of every session with her feeling confident that I have learnt and understood what we covered in the time. She explains it clearly and if I dont understand something the first time she is happy to go over it again as many times as needed. I would recommend Nada to any student who needs that extra support with their studies.

Sharron Trickett

My daughter is 14 years old and has been really struggling with Maths and Science GCSE's after having a year out of school earlier due to illness. Nada Lotfi is really helping and my daughters confidence in those subjects is continually growing. I would recommend Nada to anyone who's child is struggling and needs a little extra help as she is kind, patient and explains things in a way that my daughter can really understand. It makes all the difference, thank You Nada

Ahunna Onyenso

Nada did a great job with tutoring my children in years 9 and 11. She taught GCSE Science (focus in Biology). She’s very affable and the children found her easy to work with.

Amanda Manufor

a really good tutor, she’s helped me a lot and improved my maths and physics. she is also very engaging!

Lorena Puscas

I really struggled with A level Chemistry, especially organic Chemistry, and Nada was the only the reason I managed to grasp these concepts. She breaks complex ideas down in order to help you actually understand them, rather than just memorising them. She also taught in an active way to make sure that I was engaging, rather than passively learning. Her fun and charismatic personality made lessons that much more enjoyable as well. Would definitely book more lessons when in doubt about any of my subjects!

Zoe Fraser

Nada was super helpful!

Helia Mateus

Wonderful teaching style! Very helpful, motivating and encouraging. Thank you for your help. - Joanna

Kelvin Liu

Excellent tutor, explains everything you do not understand as simply as possible so you understand and learn.

Teresa Pryce

Great tutor who explains why you need to learn different concept, she makes the lessons fun and has plenty of patience. My daughter who has always disliked maths enjoys her time with Nada and is making really good progress which is really boosting her confidence.


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