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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a fully qualified teacher, with 12 years of classroom and tutoring experience. I love teaching Maths and inspiring students who find maths difficult or stretching very able students to achieve their best. My GCSE class achieved 6 times the national average pass rate for resit students. I focus on good clear methods, mastery of topics and good exam technique.

What do you specialise in?

I believe that confidence is key and this is a key part of my teaching methodology. Because of my experience, I can keep lessons fast-paced and link between different topics to make sure that students don't get bored. I enjoy teaching both high-ability students and those who are struggling.

How do your lessons usually plan out?

I normally start lessons with a teaser or problem to solve. Then I will check if there is a topic or question that the student has struggled with at school or college. Then, we will collaboratively work through a few problems, showing clearly how to display answers in order to make their work clear and easy to understand. Then, the student will have a few practice questions and we'll wrap up with a summary.

When did you first start tutoring?

I first started tutoring when I was still in Sixth Form. I tutored students in Chemistry when I was 17 and gained classroom teaching experience in Maths whilst I was still in Sixth Form. I completed my degree, during which I tutored 1st-year undergraduate students. Since completing my degree, I have tutored adults and children across a wide range of skill levels. I was a full-time teacher for 5 years and also did evening tutoring. I currently tutor Maths and English as a Second Language.

What do you love most about teaching your subject?

I have a genuine love of Maths and I see it all around. It is ever-present in the world around us and showing students this encourages enthusiasm. By showing real-world examples, students can cement their understanding and draw links to the real world, helping them to remember terminology and methods. I think it is important to teach understand rather than by memorising.

What is your teaching style?

I am a relaxed teacher who really focuses on making sure that students are comfortable enough to ask questions. Encouraging the lesson to be a constant dialogue allows students to ask questions and for me to probe their understanding. I want students to feel comfortable asking questions, as this is the main benefit of one-to-one tutoring.

Which relevant qualifications do you have?

I have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Economics, focusing on Statistics and Probability. I completed my PGCE at the University of Cumbria and have Qualified Teacher Status. I also achieved an A grade in A-level Maths, including multiple 100% scores on exams.

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David is a wonderful tutor, experienced and dedicated. My son has improved his maths skills, is more confident in mock exams, and looks forwards to his lessons with David.

Mrs Jorida

David is a very great teacher my daughter had a first lesson with David and she was so happy with the lesson David make her so understanding the topics Looking forward to seeing David on coming tuition Great Maths teacher


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Maths KS3
Maths GCSE

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