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A bit about Emmy

Certified teacher of Classics from France, experienced in classrooms and tutoring, I'll be happy to help you learn French or get better at it! I can also tutor in Latin and Ancient Greek. I have a masters degree in French language and literature, and in Classics, with a training in Teaching secondary level. I have worked for 4 years with classrooms of 11yo to 18yo in France and have been tutoring pupils and adults since I was in college. 

Every student works at different paces and responds differently to diverse material, so my tutoring method is really to adapt as I learn how the student reacts and feels. We will decide together of a lesson plan including personal objectives, needs relating to school work or contexts, and themes and content that the student will enjoy talking about. I will put focus on the students needs whether it is writing expression, audio comprehension, speaking, grammer, etc, or a bit of everything, but won't let one aspect of learning the language be forgotten to the profit of another. 

I enjoy using educative games, photo-video support, and role-playing situations to help pupils remember the material better. I use YouTube extracts or trailers from French movies or series to practice audio comprehension with the help of a fun visual support ; I use books and articles to practice written comprehension and translation ; I use casual conversation and roleplaying scenes to practice speaking, producing sentences, remembering the vocabulary, and feeling at ease with the language ; I use colours and visual creativity to create lesson plans and lessons content that will feel appealing to use and go back into. I give exercices to practice grammar points and depending on time, investment and preferences of the students, I can give small homework. I use the same methods for Latin and Greek, which I teach like a modern language. 

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French French
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