Nicola C

A creative, enthusiastic French tutor with years of experience

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A bit about Nicola C

I have a BA in English Language & Literature which I obtained from the Catholic University of Lille, France in 2012. I also have a Level 3 Award in Education & Training which I obtained this year as part of the development programme for my current work in adult education.

From 2009 until 2015 I lived and worked in France and taught English in many different capacities. I began teaching as a language assistant in primary schools and then went on to work as a private tutor, English-speaking au pair and finally online for a Chinese company called ‘DaDa ABC’ last year, 4 years after I moved back to the UK.

Being lucky enough to get to live in France for more than 6 years, I am completely fluent in the French language. I use French on a regular basis with my students and with family and friends.

As you can see from my CV I have been working with children of all ages. In more recent years I have even worked as a teaching assistant in a primary school and I regularly tutor French to school-aged children.

I currently work as a French teacher for Kent Adult Education. My students would say that my teaching method is creative and a lot of fun. I truly believe that if you enjoy learning you will get where you want to be easily and with flying colours.

One of my favourite moments during a lesson is to see a massive smile on my student's face as they can't help showing how much they're enjoying the game or finally grasping something they've never understood before. These moments are what make being a tutor so worthwhile for me.


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