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“Fantastic service. Absolutely perfect for targeting your areas of weakness.”


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“My son had a wonderful lesson with his tutor, James. His confidence really picked up after just a few lessons - a great service I will definitely use again!


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“Great to find a platform that cares about the quality of their tutors! I tried another platform with unqualified and inexperienced tutors, but found Sherpa to be so much better."


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Developed in partnership with professional online UK qualified tutors, our lesson space combines video calling software, like Zoom, with our very own interactive, online whiteboard to not just match face-to-face, but surpass it. Find out why over 80% of our students prefer online over face-to-face tuition.

“I definitely now prefer my online lessons rather than face-to-face. The classroom works amazingly well and I love being able to download my notes after the session.”

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Not everyone gets to be a tutor at Sherpa. But those that do are either fully qualified teachers or have a wealth of experience tutoring in their subject. You can read about their experience in their bio’s, so you can make sure you’ve got the right tutor for your child.

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How do I find an online tutor?

You’ve come to the best online tutoring website for this one! Our qualified tutors have been helping students revise and pass their exams for years. To find an online tutor simply follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the ‘Find a Tutor’ button at the top of our page.
  2. See the range of experienced and friendly tutors online.
  3. Filter through our tutors to see results by subject and educational level. Our most popular online tutors teach predominantly IB, GCSE and A-level.
  4. Once you’ve found your perfect tutor and clicked ‘Get in Touch’ , you can communicate to them through our online messaging system. This sends them a direct message.
  5. You can book a free 20 minute introduction with any tutor to quiz them on their teaching styles and experience.
  6. After you’ve found the best online tutor simply arrange a date and time to book your online classes.

How do online classes work?

Sherpa uses its own safe online platform that comes with the advanced online classroom. Online lessons are performed over our interactive whiteboard for private one-to-one lessons. You can book these private lessons on our online messaging system which works like similar message boards to Whatsapp, email and Facebook Messenger.

Once the online lesson is booked with a tutor, you’re able to talk freely over live video chat which operates similarly to Zoom and FaceTime with an online interactive whiteboard built in, which both the tutor and student can draw and write on as well as upload documents to. Our tutors can also use screen share functions to boost your child's academic potential whilst also having the ability to transfer them lesson notes!

After the online lesson is done the learning doesn’t stop there! Students can download and view all of their lessons notes for revision!

Our advanced interactive whiteboard has the capability to teach all subjects at all levels from our top experienced tutors. Learn any subject ranging from Maths, English and Science to Music, Japanese and Computer Science. We work on all levels as well as:

  • 11 Plus
  • 13 Plus
  • KS2
  • KS3
  • GCSE
  • A-Level
  • Scottish Highers
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • University
Tutors and students have uninterrupted private lessons, just as they would in person, but also with the use of our technical study help tools and online resources.

What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring is similar and almost identical to distance learning. Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in an online, virtual, or networked, environment, in which teachers and learners participate from separate physical locations in real time. Say you were looking for a Physics and Maths tutor, you can search Sherpa to fulfill this need. It’s one of the new ways students can reach their full academic potential with the help of experienced teachers online.

How effective is online tutoring?

With 100% focus from our experienced tutor one-to-one lessons are incredibly effective. Being guided through the curriculum at your own pace allows you to understand all topics and work through at your own pace. Giving you the best chance to get those 9s and A*s. It is a great idea to set target grades with your tutor.

This gives you both something to work towards and at the end you will be able to see how much progress you have made. One-to-one private tutoring boosts a child's confidence but only with the correct learning style curated by the tutor. This is why finding the best online tutor is crucial.

New studies show that online learning is not only at least as effective as face-to-face, but is often even more effective in terms of engagement and retention rates.

What are the benefits of online learning?

One-to-one online private tutoring boosts a child’s confidence and allows them to tackle their challenges head on in a friendly environment. Tutoring has proven to help children pass their exams due to the specific study goals they can set with their tutor and the focus that comes with being the only one in the class.

Moving tutoring to an online environment like Sherpa allows you to achieve your aims from home, connect with great tutors and use our online study resources. Tutor websites and tutoring services like Sherpa also allow you to learn from the comfort of your own home! It is like having a home tutor there with you.

Your child can learn online with successful tutors with any subject, anywhere, at any time. Allow your child to reach their full potential!

How often should my child have online lessons?

Online tutoring is to work as a hybrid model for teaching alongside pupil's school curriculums. Throughout a school term there are often various topics that are harder to understand or get brushed past quickly in the classroom. Whether it be an English literature text, a tricky maths equation or a crucial exam technique, online tutoring is there to fill those gaps.

Online tuition will be more sought after in the school holidays. This is because most online tutors are free during the school holidays and so are the students who are needing revision sessions. So, remember to book your sessions in advance!

Does online tutoring get good results?

At Sherpa we only pick tutors with the correct teaching experience. It’s all very well being an extremely knowledgeable person but being able to transfer that information to the student is one of the most important skills that a tutor must have. Our tutors have both teaching experience and expert knowledge of their field.

We personally interview each and every tutor who applies, and only around 1 in 8 tutors who apply make it onto the platform. The best combination to achieve 9s and A*s.

How much does an online tutor cost?

The cost of online tutoring is quite similar to that of face-to-face tutoring. Most lessons average around £25-30/per hour but lessons start from £20/per hour. Sherpa offers a free introduction to establish if the online tutor is right for each student. Meaning you can meet a couple of tutors to find the best tutor for you!

Many face-to-face tutors are actually more expensive than online tutors. GCSE level tutors cost an average of £32.50 per hour, and £36 per hour at A-Level. For university tutors, the average hourly rate was found to be £41 per hour. Music tutors were reported to charge £32 per hour, and language tutors, £30 per hour.

Is online learning safe?

Currently online learning is one of the safest teaching methods, for a number of reasons:

  • All online tutors are vetted by Sherpa. Most have DBS’ which are checked by us. Those who don’t have a DBS will appear with a tag on their profile stating this.
  • Online tuition or home tutoring is the safest method currently given the coronavirus pandemic. It ensures the safety of both student and tutor by restricting social interactions between both student and teacher.

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