About Us

Working towards making a high quality education available to all.

Sherpa is an online 1-1 tuition company striving to improve access to high quality teaching. Our hybrid team of teachers and technologists is helping us to provide higher quality tuition, for a lower price than our competitors. But how do we do it?

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Tutors are at the centre of what we do.

We can build the school, but without the teachers it means nothing. Our tutor recruitment team focuses on on-boarding qualified UK teachers and building strong relationships. Our most recent survey shows that over 50% of our tutors have PGCEs.

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We're obsessed with the product.

Iterate. Improve. Refine. We're constantly talking to our students and tutors to find out what they love about Sherpa and what they think could be improved. Our tech team are always looking for ways to improve the online lesson space to surpass face-to-face learning.

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We like to keep it fair.

Traditional tuition agencies as well as existing platforms charge up to 50% platform fees on their tutors. Not only does this seem unfair, these charges end up being passed onto students. We're eliminating waste and offer the lowest platform fees in the industry for tutors - passing these savings onto students. This means you can get lessons from qualified teachers for a lower rate than you would be taught by a student elsewhere. It's a no-brainer!

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to making sure that every process at Sherpa runs like a well oiled machine and that teachers and students remain at the heart of everything we do. Every one of them brings a unique blend of characteristics and attributes that lends perfectly to creating a wonderfully cohesive team atmosphere.

  • Conor Hughes


    Conor is the technical co-founder of Sherpa. He has brought the idea to life through his technical expertise in website development as well as assisting with the running of the marketing channels. His passion for developing a place in which students can get the best education possible is unrivalled.

    Favourite School Subjects - Design and Economics

  • Angela Winters

    Head of Tutor Acquisition & Student Support

    Angela is pivotal in making sure that the Tutor on-boarding process is as smooth as possible. Her kind, funny and bubbly personality helps bring a smile to everyone she meets over the phone or video call, as well as keeping the office upbeat. When she isn’t around the athletics track, Angela is fascinated by the globe and the multitude of cultures on it. She loves to travel around and experience as many of them as she can first-hand. The list of countries that she has visited grows quicker than the plants we have in the office.

    Favourite School Subjects - Business Studies and English

  • Russell Kilgour

    Graphic Design

    Russell is the brains behind all the brilliant artwork you see across our social media and the website, with a keen eye for detail and a wonderful sense of humour. His illustrations help bring Sherpa to life in a fun, unique and engaging way. When he isn’t sat at his desk designing, you can’t keep him on flat ground. When he isn’t scuba diving you can normally catch him jumping out of a plane with a parachute strapped to his back.

    Favourite School Subjects - Maths and Physics

  • Naikpreet Mahil

    Product Development

    Naikpreet is responsible for ensuring that the website is continuously being improved alongside the feedback we receive from our Tutors and Students. Sometimes you can’t help but marvel at the speed at which she writes code. When she isn’t making her Animal Crossing island look like something out of a magazine you can find her experimenting with different cuisines in the kitchen.

    Favourite School Subjects - Maths and Spanish