Trishala Rai

Trained GCSE Maths and English tutor (3 years experience)

£15 per hour

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A bit about Trishala Rai

Hello there! My name is Trishala Rai and I have been a GCSE English and Maths tutor for slightly over three years now. I pride myself in my students' achievements and 92% of my students have achieved A-A* for their GCSE results. What I can promise my students is a fortnightly report and ways in which they can improve and achieve the highest grades. 

I am a fully trained tutor and have experience working as a tutor for three years and an administrator for one year which means I have been trained in organising and assembling classes. I attended Loughborough University for Economics BSc.

My favourite subject to tutor is Maths as I feel the most comfortable and am most experienced in the subject however, English Literature, I find, is the most engaging for students and helps build a strong student-teacher relationship which is important for children, especially GCSE students in order to achieve their maximum potential. As a tutor I have always believed in achieving for your maximum potential but I also realised as I gained more experience that you need to incorporate what the student wants in order for them to want to do the same. 




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