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Struggling doesn’t mean you can’t, it only means you can’t YET!

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I am a highly experienced teacher and hold an Honours degree in Chemistry and a PGCE Certificate in Teaching. I also hold a Master of Philosophy in Psychology. I have been teaching for nearly 30 years in Scotland, England and Singapore, sharing my love of Science and Psychology with ages 4 to 18. I have experience as a marker with different exam boards. I’m a Mum - I know what it’s like when you feel stressed and overwhelmed. I’m a teacher - I can help to lessen your worries and see the way ahead. I love Science and Psychology and there really is nothing better than seeing you get it too :) There is nothing better than helping a young person find their confidence in their ability to tackle the thing that is challenging them most. Remember, you CAN. I asked a class this question today. Here are some of their responses: ‘I love that we are never wrong. There’s always a discussion that leads to where we should be’ ‘I feel really comfortable asking questions when I don’t know what to do and Mrs B makes me feel so clever when I understand’ ‘Fun, fun, fun’ ‘I look forward to coming to class. Science is not my favourite subject because I’m more of a Linguist, but Mrs B makes everyone feel good about what they can do’ I have been tutoring for several years, working with young people who just need a little extra confidence and with those who struggle due to an additional learning need.

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