Anna Fenton-Garvey

First class university graduate offering tutoring up to uni level

£20 per hour

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What do you specialise in?

I specialise in essay writing technique for English, humanities and political science subjects from GCSE level to university - I work with you to ensure your essay plans are clear and thorough and meeting the essay question!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a recent graduate from the University of Bristol where I received a first class degree in Politics and Sociology. Whilst at university, I received prizes in both first and second year for my top marks. In the three years of my degree, I developed a set of tools for essay success which I am eager to equip other students with.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Students are falsely taught that it is necessary to get stressed and overwhelmed when preparing for exams/writing essays. My philosophy is that good teaching is that which puts a students mental health as priority, providing tools and techniques to organise work in a way that makes the student feel in control and excited to write


Subject Level
English KS3
English GCSE
English A-Level
English Literature Primary
English Literature KS3
English Literature GCSE
English Literature A-Level
English Literature Degree
Drama Primary
Drama KS3
Drama IB
Drama GCSE
Drama A-Level
Drama Degree
History KS3
History GCSE
History A-Level
History Degree
Religious Education Primary
Religious Education KS3
Religious Education GCSE
Religious Education A-Level
Sociology GCSE
Sociology A-Level
Sociology Degree
Politics GCSE
Politics A-Level
Politics Degree