James Hilder

Enthusiastic physics and maths tutor with 27 years experience

£40 per hour
Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

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A bit about James

What I teach - 

I have been a specialist tutor in A-level physics for the last 27 years and also teach GCSE physics and maths. I teach all exam boards- Edexcel, AQA, OCR including syllabus B, Welsh Board, plus Scottish Higher, Advanced Higher, University Foundation, and International Baccalaureate.

I teach what an individual student requires e.g. reinforcing what you learned in school that week, revision for exams and mocks, teaching specific topics as required, and teaching private candidates. I encourage students to be proactive in suggesting what topics to teach that lesson.


My students get excellent results. Recently two of my students got A* grades and an AQA retake student improved from E to A, by giving her the exam practice she lacked in her last school. Some of my students score 100% on A level units and once 600/600. Most of my two-year students score minimum B and my retake grade improvement is at least two grades e.g. D to B. Many of my students go on to university to study medicine engineering and sciences.


Since 1993 I have taught full-time, in most private tutorial colleges in London e.g. MPW and Albemarle, often as Head of Physics, all exam boards. I teach two-year courses, one year retakes, Easter Revision. I have tutored privately through agencies, via colleges and personal recommendations. I am experienced in teaching students whose first language is not English.

I am an examiner, marking A-level and GCSE physics each year since 2001.


I have successfully made the transition from face-to-face to online teaching and have acquired a taste for it. It works just as well for my students as traditional teaching. I enjoy using my online whiteboard and scanned resources-packs of exam board specific past paper questions plus my own questions arranged by topic.

I teach study and revision techniques and provide topic-specific revision notes. I have been interested in exam technique since I was a teenager and share this with my students. As an examiner, I know exactly what is required and often use questions I have marked professionally. I address each individual student's issues and am patient and happy to repeat and use different explanations until a topic is understood. 

I use my own repertoire of worked examples which make the subject interesting by being real-life related, and also similar to exam questions. I use packs of board-specific past paper questions arranged by topic. My worked examples cover 90% of what will come up in your exam. For descriptive questions e.g. 6 mark questions I give lists of key descriptive phrases to break these down into manageable chunks, and details of the key practicals.

I enjoy making links between physics and other A-levels e.g. maths and chemistry and its relevance to e.g. engineering and medicine. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for physics but also respect those for whom physics is not their favourite subject, and work with them to get the best possible grade.


I am passionate about physics. I am a keen amateur astronomer and give lectures on the subject and keep up to date by attending lectures at London Universities and the Institute of Physics. 


I have a 2/1 degree in astronomy and physics from University College London, a postgraduate qualification in meteorology, and a Further Education teaching qualification. 




Subject Level
Maths GCSE
Physics IB
Physics GCSE
Physics A-Level