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Lecturer (w/PhD) in Maths, teaches IB, degree, A levels and many more!

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Pearson EdExcel A level, A level further, IB, MAT, STEP, GCSE, AP, and many others! As for the age group, I teach from ten year old to seventy year old students :) I'm a specialized online tutor in mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, machine learning and English as a Second Language (ESL). I received my PhD in mathematics in the US (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ), and held my postdoctoral positions in reputed institutions in France (Ecole Polytechnique, INRIA) and USA (University of California, Los Angeles). I've extensive teaching and tutoring experience in many areas of mathematics, e.g. trigonometry, precalculus, algebra, differential equations as well as many other topics. I also had great scores in GRE and other competitive exams en route to my PhD. I love to share my passion for mathematics, statistics and machine learning with my students, by means of tutoring, seminars, talks etc. Being an expert in the subject, I can teach/tutor any level - this means from precalculus to linear algebra, group theory, differential equations, probability, statistics and many more! I have also been tutoring privately to students of all ages and taught more elementary as well as advanced topics for about 2 years in addition. Among many others, I've also tutored for IB Mathematics courses (e.g. Analysis and Approaches HL and SL), ACT and GRE Math preparation, Masters in Data Science/Statistics and also French middle school ('collège') students. I received excellent recommendations and five star ratings from clients/students and can produce them. Besides mathematics, I also teach English as a second language (ESL), where I'm TESOL certified. My specialties include: 1. My familiarity with all level of mathematics, thanks to my doctorate in the subject. 2. My teaching experience in large (roughly 30-40 students per class) and small (one to two students) group settings. 3. My effective visualization process with charts, diagrams, and tables to make things easy for the students. 4. In case the student speaks French but not good in English, I can also tutor in French, where I've an intermediate level. 5. I'm extremely well equipped for tutoring online, as I've done it before and effectively. I've a graphics tablet and a digital pen which I can use to write on an-built whiteboard, and the writings appear on the screen and the students can see it the writing in real-time. They can record the calls and I always share the filled-in whiteboards after the tutoring session, mostly in personalized Dropbox folders. 6. I'm a specialist in motivating the students to learn a new concept, for example, negative numbers, group theory or functional analysis. I've worked in the industry for 2 years, so I've seen a lot of these concepts being used in real life, so I can help motivate on why (s)he is learning a new concept. Please note that even though on my profile it says my criminal background isn't verified, it actually has been verified by Sherpa, still it shows unverified because mine is a French one. This fact can be checked directly with Sherpa customer service. I'm looking forward to teaching you a I started tutoring in 2007, the same year I started my PhD. That was a Calculus II student in the US. I've a PhD, postdoc, MSc, BSc, machine learning certificate from Udemy, ESL certificate from International Open Academy. Aside from my other passion in research in applied mathematics for data science, I love cooking, baking and mixed martial arts.

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