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I have been in your position. Let me support and help you to the end!

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I am a Qualified Teacher who has worked within education for the last 8 Years specialising in Physical Education but have worked around all elements of a school. I have been involved in GCSE, A-Level, B-TEC and Cambridge National teaching. I have helped pupils in a number of different subjects but also areas around school. I can support you with exam preparation, revision techniques and even your UCAS applications. I have been involved in a number of different school around the country. Working in London, West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Schools have included Westbourne House School, St Edmunds, Seaford College, Ark Charter Academy and all of which will be helpful in supporting you. I want to support and help students decide on what they're next stage is. I want to work with you. We will go through areas you may be struggling with and what you want to get out of the sessions. You talk to me and help me help you. We can really focus on what you want to achieve and focus on your clear progression aswell as you wanting to come back for your next session. Enjoy your time with your tutor! My students have always enjoyed my differentiation, my patience and my passion for supporting those in school. I always keep my lessons up to date and enthusiastic. I want you to have a say in what we go through. How we work and what we want to achieve by the end of all our lessons. I have been in your position before. Not sure about the work I'm doing, which tutor do I need to help me and what do I want to achieve. I had a teacher at school who supported me a huge amount along with a tutor who would be there for help when needed. Having that extra support really does go along way and I hope that I can do that same. That is what inspired me. My teachers helping me so that I can help you.

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