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I had a student who felt deeply insecure about science and was dreading his GCSE's. By the time we got to the exams he felt confident, happy with the content and got the grade he desired. We worked together on building his knowledge base and confidence. I have always wanted students to feel confident in their science knowledge and the best way of achieving this is for students to be able to answer questions correctly, seeing the mark scheme and knowing that they would gain those marks in the exam. This means we introduce a topic, we practise it until we gain that confidence and then move onto the next topic. As time goes by you build up a base of knowledge you can have confidence in as well as being able to link information across different topics and achieve higher level analysis of questions. I teach AQA from Y7 (11 years old) up to Y13 (18 years old). Specialising in Chemistry at A Level, and all sciences at GCSE and KS3. As an examiner I have an expert knowledge of the AQA GCSE papers. I'm familiar with the OCR Specification but not the examination resources. My teaching style changes to suit the student. The aim is for the student to make as much process as possible, so I adapt to suit their learning needs. This could look like a competitive challenge, a focus on recall, exam questions focus. My general style however is that at the beginning of a session we recap the last session, and if anything has been forgotten we have the opportunity to remind and recap. I then introduce a new concept, we discuss this in varying ways. I'll show you examples of the concept working. For example I could show you how the energy stores change as you boil a kettle (physics). I cover examples of it in action with you. We then work on a few together. You then work on some independently. We then apply this to an exam question followed by looking at the mark scheme and marking our work. As we work through any examples or questions I'm there to support you're thinking and guide you to the correct answers. I think science is awesome, the more I learnt as a student the more a pattern emerged for me about how the world works. Science is my passion and I love that we are still discovering. My social media feed is full of new science research that comes out, so I am still a science student and always will be. I have worked with children and students my whole life. From my work experience when I was in Y10, to university working as a Science Busker at events in Newcastle, to completing my PGCE and working as a teacher. I love sharing my passion for science and nurturing the learning environment that students thrive in. It gives me great satisfaction for students to benefit from my passion, for them to gain access to grades and future careers because of my input.

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