Frances B

A passionate English tutor, with a love for the subject and teaching!

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A bit about Frances B

I'm currently a student at the University of Sheffield, in my second year studying English Literature. I studied English all through school - getting 9s in my GCSE literature and language, and an A* in my English Literature A Level. I've been tutoring for a couple of years now, and really enjoy it - I've worked both privately and voluntarily, and particularly enjoy tutoring GCSE English Literature and Language. Not only is it rewarding, it also help me to share my love of the subject with students who might need extra support. 

I have worked on both a small group and also a 1:1 basis with GCSE English Literature and Language students, both in-person and via online teaching/ remote learning. Alongside this, I have offered private 1:1 support to A Level English Literature students, focusing primarily on exam technique and writing style. 

As well as supporting both GCSE and A Level students with their studies of English, I have also worked on a 1:1 basis with Primary aged children, who fall under the categories of SEN or ESL - we worked on improving their spoken English, written communication and reading comprehension. 

My main focus within my GCSE tuition is to help students improve their written communication, the way in which they choose to express their answers. I have engineered a few different methods to help get thoughts down onto paper and then into a coherent and exemplary response, a fact which many students I have worked with seem to find difficult upon beginning their sessions with me. I believe that learning should be interactive and engaging, especially when in an online setting, and that the focus should be on each students' individual needs and skills - every student learns differently, and as a tutor I find my efforts to be more successful when I take this fact into consideration. 

Typically, I work with students achieving below national average (benchmarked anywhere between a Grade 1-4) and my goal is to help them to achieve the  best grade they can, whilst improving their self-confidence and understanding of the subject. Every students' success story is different, and cannot always be quantified by grades - personal development is something I find paramount within education, so not only is my focus on hitting target grades,  but also on supporting a students' character development. 


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