Taahir P

Passionate. Effective. Enthusiastic. Maths Teacher with a purpose.

£30 per hour
Qualified Teacher

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A bit about Taahir P


Pearling International School: Gaining experience teaching Maths in another country (Qatar) ranging from year 7 to sixth form. I will definitely be able to adopt some of these teaching methods back in England. 

Dixons Kings Academy: Contributed in helping pupils achieve fantastic grades which has placed the school within the top 1% of all schools across the country.

Oasis Academy Lister Park: Had experience teaching A Level Mathematics which resulted in excellent grades in the modules Core Mathematics 1 and Core Mathematics 2.

Dixons City Academy: In my PGCE school placement, I had the pleasure of teaching year 11 GCSE Further Mathematics which would be a difficult first challenge for anyone. Most of the class achieved grades 7s, 8s and 9s.

Bradford Trident: During my time as the Assistant Finance Officer, I contributed in securing a fund totalling 50 million pounds known as the Better Start Project which involves working with families to help give children the best possible start in life in Bradford.


Subject Level
Maths KS3
Maths IB
Maths GCSE