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A happy tutor with proven results and over 23 years in the classroom.

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A bit about Jayne H


My name is Jayne and I am an English Teacher in secondary education with over 23 years of successful teaching experience and I still have a sense of humour! 

I recognise that with the new rigorous and more difficult material in the English Language and Literature exams that many students require that little bit extra to achieve their potential. 

English is not for everyone!  If every employer required me to be a gymnast or to strip a car engine in 5 minutes, my opportunities would be seriously compromised! 

However, that is the world we live in.  More and more employers and of course college courses before that are demanding a minimum grade of a 4 in English Language.  If this is not achieved, students are expected to retake it along with their chosen college course.  What a nightmare! I know, I had to do this with maths. 

For academic courses, such as A level, the minimum requirement is a grade 5.   

If you or your child is struggling with this subject, I can definitely help!  I have a wide experience with various exam boards; I am currently teaching AQA and I am also an examiner for AQA. 

I can improve literacy skills at Key Stage 3 to prepare students for their GCSEs.   

It is very difficult for teachers to provide that 1 to 1 attention that so many students could really benefit from and to see the penny drop with basics like grammar, punctuation and reading skills. 

Spelling can be vastly improved with tuition, but it is not the end of the world!  If your child has dyslexia, spelling is a huge obstacle that can prevent them from having the confidence to master other areas of English and to achieve.  By adapting materials for your child, I can support and provide students with the confidence to get their required grades. 

I am a friendly and fun teacher who knows that understanding and engagement are paramount to success. All lessons are tailored to each student`s needs.  One size does not fit all! 

I look forward to supporting you and/or your child to gaining that all important grade and to even achieving the grade they never thought possible! 

PLEASE NOTE:  I do have an enhanced DBS certificate and I am in the process of this being updated.

Kind regards 



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