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A bit about Lucy K

I have finished at the University of Warwick with a 2.1 BA (Hons) in French Studies with Italian, I have lived in Paris and spent several summers in Italy teaching and learning both French and Italian, as well as teaching English to foreign speakers of all ages.

I have taught at primary schools, worked with young adults and secondary school students and am adaptable to any teaching style or approach - I can work in small groups, whole classes or individual learning environments, having been both a tutor and teaching assistant in recent years. I currently tutor online for an international platform teaching English as well as running private sessions for younger learners in Italian, plus aiding adult English learners prepare for English proficiency exams, so I have rich experience in delivering excellent online sessions. 

I understand how language can be taught extremely tediously at school and thus in later life learning a language seems like a mammoth task; out of reach when school knowledge doesn't always cover day-to-day situations and can seem very irrelevant. I hope to turn this expectation of language learning completely upside down and instill the excitement and thrill I get from speaking and using foreign languages, to all ages, at any level - I believe everyone can learn and speak different languages and I work hard to make my teaching interesting, topical and fun.


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English Primary
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