Varun Sinha

An enthusiastic and confident economics and maths tutor.

£15 per hour

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A bit about Varun Sinha

Hi, I'm Varun! I am a first-year economics student at the University of Warwick offering IB economics and GCSE maths lessons. In the IB I scored 41 points overall, with a 7 in economics and a 6 in maths. At GCSE I scored 11 A*s, including maths and further maths. Hence, I have a solid understanding of these subjects and their exam techniques. I also offer primary and KS3 maths lessons having gone through selective entry 11+ exams myself. 

During sixth form, I tutored younger students in GCSE maths and economics and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was an extremely satisfying feeling to share all the revision tips and tricks I had learnt, and help and watch my students grow in confidence during lessons. I am very flexible and can tailor lessons to the student's needs, but the usual structure would involve explaining the theory in detail first and going through exam questions to test and consolidate the understanding.

Having learnt online during the pandemic I know what teaching methods make online lessons engaging, and I can use this to ensure that my lessons are as effective as possible. Also, I would always encourage my students not to be afraid of making mistakes as this is the best way to learn, and would support them fully through any difficulties they might have instead of getting angry or frustrated.


Subject Level
Maths Primary
Maths KS3
Maths GCSE
Economics IB