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Experienced History Tutor - GCSE, A-level & Degree. Demotivated? Struggling? Let's fix that together.

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I first started tutoring in 2012. I used to prepare high school students for their finals with a 100% success rate. Word spread fast and so for ten years I continued tutoring growing numbers of pupils. In 2018 I started my doctorate at the University of Oxford. Less than a year later I was appointed as branch director on an online tutoring platform, where I was in charge of designing courses specifically targeted at young people who want to go study abroad. These days I teach History classes for undergraduate students and I assist with admission interviews at the University of Oxford. Ironically, most of my students are people who HATE history. And I suspect they are right! History can be very boring if you don't have the right teacher. One of the feedback that I get the most from my students is, 'I used to hate history because I would just memorize dates and events, but you taught me how to understand the subject and made studying so much easier.' What I love about tutoring is the special bond I share with my students: they understand that I am their ally, not their enemy. When a student doesn't do well in class, often they are put under a lot of pressure by their parents and their teachers. As a consequence of an hostile learning environment, students end up feeling inadequate and performing even worse than before. As tutor, my role is to support students and help them figure out what is the right way for them to achieve their goals. Students can be open and honest with me in a way that they often can't with their main teachers or their parents - and that's what I love the most about this job! My greatest success has been helping students from underprivileged backgrounds get a spot at top-ranked universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. If you want to study there, sometimes good grades are not enough: I helped them write convincing personal statements and prepare for their interviews, and both of them received their admission letters!

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