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I specialise in science and maths having taught this for over two years from KS1 to A-Level at schools across the country. I have always had a very strong academic background and my favourite things to learn about is science, in particular Biology! I started tutoring two years ago voluntarily at my local community centre helping children prepare for the SATs. Since then I have worked for various high-profile companies both in person before COVID and now online on virtual platforms such as Sherpa. I have built up my tutoring base to tutor Science and Maths to all levels and my students on average increase their grades by 2 or more. Many of my students have achieved the grades for top courses such as Medicine or Engineering at Russell Group universities. I think students love my teaching style as I am very friendly and approachable and students feel like they can talk to me about anything. I like teaching as if I am a friend and make sure that not only do my students learn something but have fun whilst doing it. In my spare time I love travelling with my friends and family. My favourite part about travelling is trying all the different types of foods in other countries. I also love going to the gym and spending time with my cat! I teach all major exam boards for Science and Maths and I teach all the way from GCSE to A-Level (Year 7-Year 13) I have always had a passion for teaching and spreading the knowledge that I have from my years of experience. Having recently been in a similar position I know what to expect in exams and how to master the art of exam technique I have GCSEs in the 3 science's and maths at Grade 9 as well as all A* at A-Level I'm Faraz, a second year medical student studying at the University of Bristol. I am very passionate about all things science and maths (especially biology!) and love meeting new people. The thing I love most about my course is I get to apply all the science and skills that I have learnt in practice and see the difference it makes to people's daily lives which is a very fulfilling and humbling experience. Having applied to medical school during the pandemic I have had experience doing online and in person exams with my A-Levels and GCSEs. I also have experimented with many different ways of learning from reading the textbook again and again (not effective) to using spaced repetition software. My hobbies include video editing, going to the gym and recently I've even taken up beatboxing to pass the time! I am also a part of the table tennis and badminton societies at university. That's all from me, hope to see you soon! In terms of tutoring I like to structure my lessons by ensuring that I have covered the basics of the topic completely as I believe strong foundations are the key to scoring the top marks. I know that every student learns differently and so I can adapt teaching techniques and revision methods to cater for individuals preferences. With my very strong base knowledge and over 1 year of experience tutoring both privately and for schools I bring out distinct qualities within each student especially when it comes to exam time. My favourite part is definitely meeting new people and helping them to achieve their best. It's a great feeling to see the progress a pupil makes with a bit of guidance and support. Not too long ago I was in the same position so I know exactly how daunting it can feel so I aim to make every student's experience unique, catered for and most importantly fun!

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