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Alisah is a very approachable and personable Masters Graduate in English with a wealth of tutoring experience from KS3 through to degree. If you are looking for a tutor with a real passion for English then look no further

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Currently, I am working on my Master's of Art in English Literature at the University of Warwick whereby I have ambitions of fulfilling a career as a professor. I have an extensive experience working with young people from book clubs, teaching small groups at college level and lecturing international students at Coventry University in ESOL. I spent a year working with GCSE students at a college to prepare them for their summer exams. My caseload of students ranged from dyslexic, ADHD, English as a second language, as well as, dyspraxia. Against the odds, I was met with a 81% pass rate. I was challenged with learners that were hit hard by online learning, but with persistence and flexibility, they have all made the next step into education. English literature and language are two subjects that ask for confident arguments. It takes practise, lots and lots of practised, though with motivation and routine, success is promised! With GCSEs and A-levels, I have found that, once content it understood, it is a matter of creating a solid structure that can be tailored for each exam question. As somebody who has a diverse learning style, I found it difficult in school to understand topics and ideas. In a room of 30 people, you can walk out and not 'get it' because the teacher has some much content to get through. My tutoring style focuses on discussion and reassurance, every point must have evidence and every piece of evidence must be able to be explained -- even when challenged. The core of English is being able to tie ends together in order to create a picture. As a tutor, I want to encourage, reassure and root for my learners so they can express themselves and eloquently translate their thoughts. Experience: I graduated with a first class in English and Creative Writing and am working towards me Masters in Literature at the University of Warwick where I intend to focus on women and trauma within literature. I have a years worth of experience working in a college as an in house tutor. Students, that had failed previously, have been able to pass with grades 7 and above with the help of paragraph structures and discussion to aid understanding and mature writing style. From working at the college, I obtained a level 3 in teaching. I have held classes for English as a second language to adult learners at Coventry University at C2 level, as well as hold a CEFR certificate. Hobbies: I am currently finishing up my manuscript for a YA novel that I have been working on for the last four years. Of course, as an english student, I read extensively! To destress, I enjoy cooking whilst watching a reality shows about housewives! So long as it can be proven with the text, there is no wrong answer. English is based around interpretation, therefor I find it beautiful that our life experiences shape the way we approach texts. English is also a concoction of history, sociology, philosophy, ethics and religious studies -- there is so much room to pull things together and discuss from all angles. GENERIC: I like to start my lessons off with a warm up discussion which I found has helped learners that struggle with coming up with points. After that, I create a task that links to the previous lesson's content. If relevant, I will give the learner a piece to read to which we will discuss and plan a response together and then give them space to independently work. LEARNERS THAT NEED HELP WITH WRITING STYLE: For homework, learners will be asked to write up (not type) a timed essay that must be sent to me *two days* prior to the lesson. The first half of the lesson will be going through their essay and the second will look at pot holes in knowledge/style.

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