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My name is Owain and I have taught secondary English for nearly a decade and am currently an examiner for the AQA board. My knowledge of and experience teaching the AQA English Language and Literature GCSE will help students achieve their target grade and more (AQA literally hire me to award marks for actual GCSE examinations, so I know exactly what they're looking for!). As your tutor, I will be able to help you make the progress you know you can whilst helping you enjoy your education through engaging, fun and interesting sessions. As an examiner for the AQA examination board, I mark hundreds of papers in the English Language GCSE, which has provided me with the knowledge, skills and experience required to understand the nuances and expectations for these key examinations; it is this knowledge that I can pass onto you or your child with the clarity and specificity they require to succeed at secondary school. I hope to be able to share my passion and knowledge with you soon. I believe it's important that learning is as active and engaging as possible. With that in mind, I use lots of questions and task-setting in my teaching to encourage as much participation and active involvement in my learners as I can. I also think it's useful to model skills and the application of knowledge in order to provide students with effective strategies and methods that they can take with them into the classroom. Most importantly, I believe learning should be fun, interesting and entertaining and try my hardest to make sessions bespoke to students' own interests and passions once I get to know them better. I also think it's important to have a sense of humour as a teacher; this is one of the best ways of creating positive and friendly learning environments, whilst also building positive relationships with learners. I have a degree in English Literature and Popular Culture, as well as a Masters in Creative Writing from Cardiff University. The skills, knowledge and experience acquired from these courses lend themselves perfectly to teaching the subject of English to a wide range of age groups. I am equally proficient at helping students reach their full potential in both the writing and reading areas of my subject, both fiction and non-fiction. As a fully-qualified English teacher and experienced mentor, I use my education to support the progress of curious, hardworking and ambitious young learners and nothing fills me with more joy than imparting my own knowledge to those seeking the same. My favourite thing about teaching and studying English is that we can put creativity, artistic licence and the imagination at the centre of everything we do, whether it's writing stories or reading them. More specifically, I think that reading, studying, researching and discussing good literature from a variety of time periods, cultures and genres is an incredible way of understanding different perspectives and contexts in a way that challenges us as humans constantly. Take Shakespeare, for example - his work provides almost endless opportunities to discuss the human condition and the inextricable messiness of life in a way that never demands that we find a 'right answer'. Literature is a wonderful, challenging, interesting, problematic part of our culture and that is what makes it so important. I specifically teach GCSE students in either year 10 or 11 and focus exclusively on the AQA examination board. This specialism, as both a tutor and an examiner, means I am highly-qualified at bringing students up to the target grades and beyond in both English Language and Literature with the UK's most popular examination board for this subject.

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