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Hi! I’m Alex, I have recently submitted my PhD thesis in Film and Screen Studies at the University of Cambridge. I have also been employed in my faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages as an undergraduate tutor and lecturer in several subjects, including comparative European Cinemas. As well as university tutoring in film and media studies, I am familiar with A-Level and GSCE exam boards in History, English and Media Studies and would be happy to accept students seeking tutoring in these areas. My tutoring experience covers the assignment and marking of essays, delivering lectures and seminar teaching, preparing students for examinations, and assessing writing to an academic standard. My tutoring experience started in 2016 for undergraduate and final-year university students at the Universities of Cambridge and Cape Town. At Cambridge, for the final year undergraduate course 'Ibero-American Cinema', I have lectured on Lusphone African filmmakers of the 1960s and the decolonization of cinematic production in the Global South, and delivered seminars on related topics. For the additional final-year undergraduate course, 'Comparative European Film', I have delivered supervisions and seminars to small groups. In this role, I prescribed and examined weekly essays on a variety of topics, including from early cinema, the post-war avant-garde to transnational cinema, and delivered termly reports on student progress. English GSCE Paper 1: Shakespeare and the Long 19th Century Novel (Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice, The Sign of Four). Media Studies GSCE: Media Language and Representations, Media Industries and Audiences (Television, Film, Radio, Print and Digital Media) History GSCE Paper 1: Understanding the Modern World Paper 2: Shaping the Nation English Literature A-Level A: Love Through the Ages (Othello, Persuasion, Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Atonement, The Great Gatsby), Independent critical study: texts across time English Literature A-Level B: Literary Genres (Shakespeare, Drama, Poetry), Elements of Crime Writing, Elements of political and social protest writing Media Studies A-Level: Media Language and Representations, Media Industries and Audiences (Television, Film, Radio, Digital and Print Media), theory and production (practical Non-Exam Assessment) History A-Level: British and Global History (The British Empire, Industrialisation, The Cold War, Tsarist and Communist Russia, The Birth of the USA, Britain and Transition, The Making of Modern Britain, The Crisis of Communism) I am also keen to accept students seeking tutoring at any level of University study in Film and Media Studies or Cultural Studies. Please feel free to enquire! I always invest a lot in the students that I teach, and try to adapt as best as possible to suit their needs and pace. No question is too small! I want to ensure that you feel supported at every stage. I also like to make sure that students feel challenged in our lessons, but that they always leave feeling confident in their abilities and their potential to succeed. I like to start with a discussion of areas you feel you’re struggling in, and what concerns you (from specific texts to techniques of analysis, to terms or definitions). I’ll also ask you about any big deadlines, tests or upcoming exams you might be preparing for. Based on this discussion, together we will develop a plan to support you in these areas and help you feel prepared to achieve the best possible academic outcomes. Depending on your needs and what you find most useful, our preparation will focus on writing (i.e short homework exercises prepared before class) or dialogue and questioning in class.

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