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I have been an English tutor since 2017 and I have taught English in schools from 2015 onwards. I have been a tutor of English Literature and English Language at the GCSE Level since 2019 and I have worked with Feltham Tuition and Aim Higher Tuition. In addition I have been a GCSE History tutor for the same amount of time. I develop a positive working rapport with the students and develop skills throughout. I specialize in A Level law in school but I am a tutor on the weekends. I have got over 24 years of teaching law at various levels. I have been successful most recently at Sir George Monoux College. However, in 2015, I realized I had a talent for teaching English when I did some GCSE English interventions and helped my students to do tasks they considered to be difficult or irrelevant. Since then, I became a tutor. You have to start with an outcome in mind. So, it could be about analyzing words and phrases. You need to help students with various types of terminology, whether its a metaphor, a simile or assonance. Then the students have to read extracts. Links have to be made to the examination. There is an element of deliberate practice of examination papers so that different types of skills are developed. It was in the year 2017, when I started tutoring different subjects from law to English and then it grew from there.

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